Programa oficial 2016

Martes 1 de marzo 2016 :

Centro Carl Rogers Oaxaca  7:00 pm apertura

Down to earth.

Miércoles 2 de marzo 2016

Ahahuac Oaxaca 13:30 am 


Burns out.

Centro Carl Rogers 7:00 pm

In the game

Footbal days in Hoockey Town.

Jueves: Anahuac Oaxaca 12:00 am 3 de marzo 2016

Invitado especial  CRIT Oaxaca

The sad snow man

The race of life

Spirit in motion******* WINNER!!!!!!!

Centro Carl Rogers Oaxaca  7:00 pm

Programa de cortos:


Standing 8

Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball



Pretty Dangerous

The grey forest******** WINER!!!!!!!

Burns out


One weel revolution.

Memin: retrato de un boxeador******* WINNER!!!!

A balance / an energy

Viernes 4 de marzo 2016: 

Anahuac Oaxaca 11:00 am

New geneation of Queens.

Centro Carl Rogers Oaxaca 7:00 pm

A balance / an energy


Sábado 5 de marzo 2016:

Centro Carl Rogers: 2.00 pm

NINI  y Gentle giant

4:00 PM. Premiación




Meet Avispa. She’s small, she flies, and in the ring – all the guys are afraid of her. This is the story of the unlikely rise of the Pacific Northwest’s only fully debuted female professional luchadora. Follow along with Avispa – a college student by day and a luchadora by night – as she runs, jumps, kicks, and finds her way through the ranks of Lucha Libre.
Avispa es pequeña, vuela y en ring, todos los hombres tienen miedo de ella. Esta es la historia de una luchadora profesional. 
The sad snow man 
Part live-action, part stop-motion animation, this heart-warming 2 minute film needs no dialogue and is appropriate for all ages. This simple story is about a boy who makes a snowman’s dream a reality. The sad snowman sits on the side of a mountain, watching skiers and snowboarders have fun. The snowman longs to be a part of the action, but it seems hopeless. A passing snowboarder notices the sad snowman and suddenly a simple act of kindness makes the impossible, possible.
La historia de una niño que hace que los sueñod de un muñeco de nieve se cumplan: poder ser parte de la accion del Snowboard.
New generation of queens 
This feature documentary is the story of Zanzibar’s women’s soccer team, the New Generation Queens. The movie examines the history and culture around women’s soccer in Zanzibar. It also follows the team to mainland Tanzania, where the Queens participate in a tournament for the first time and several hope to be recruited to the Tanzanian national team.
Este documental es la historia del equipo de futbol de mujeres de  Zanzibars . La historia examina la cultura y la historia de las mujeres en Zanzibar participando así en su primer torneo en Tanzania. 
Burns out

“BURN OUTS: A Dream of Drag Racing.” is a day in the life of aspiring professional drag racer Joe Morrison. We follow Joe from his suburban New Jersey home where he stores his nostalgia funny car, to Atco Raceway where Joe is racing to qualify for his next level license on his journey to becoming a professional drag racer. Along the way we meet Chuck Morrison, Joe’s father, who was also a drag racer on the local circuit. Chuck, who now suffers from breathing ailments, accompanies Joe to almost every race where he serves as Joe’s mentor, crew chief, and inspiration.

Joe’s journey to the pro circuit has been long, and far from profitable. As a result, we see Joe do most of the work himself, from loading the car into the trailer, to fixing an ignition problem that adds a lengthy delay to the day. But Joe knows that once he gets that car on the track, he will let nothing stand in the way of achieving his goal.

This film was shot docu-style. It is a very honest look at a man who truly believes that he has what it takes to become a pro. There was no script. This is a true representation of a struggling motor sports athlete, warts and all.

Examina la historia de un hombre apasionado por los coches veloces y de como consgue sus sueños y nos inspira para lograr los nuestros.


The experience of a climber when climbing the 6268 meters of the highest mountain in Ecuador, Chimborazo.

La experiencia de un escalador escalando 6268 metros sobre el nivel del mar en la montaña mas alta de Ecuador: Chimborazo.


In the summer of 1932, Gabriele Boccalatte and Nini Pietrasanta met. They met on the Monte Bianco, they climbed it together and thus fell in love.
Their great alpine years go exactly from 1932 to 1936- the year in which they got married. They, as a roped party, pioneered some of the toughest alpine routes. They used to keep journals and take pictures in order to keep a record of their achievements.
Ninì, that was one of the very few female climbers of those years, would carry a 16mm film camera with her, during her climbs.
In 1937, their son Lorenzo was born, and, in 1938, Gabriele died, falling from a mountain wall. Ninì, then, gave up extreme climbing and focused on her role as a mother.
Some years after Ninì’s death, in 2000, her son Lorenzo found the reels his mother had been shooting, hidden in an old case.

La historia de una de las primeras escaladoras del mundo.


When his wife dies giving birth to their first child, a man starts playing tennis in an effort to hold onto her memory.  He neglects his newborn daughter and focuses on winning tennis tournaments.  Soon, his family intervenes and they begin a tug-of-war for control of his daughter.

Ficción que narra la historia de un padre que pierde a su primer hijo, y solo jugando tenis comenzara a reacer su vida después de brutal perdida. 

Spirit in motion

Eight of the strongest athletes from different parts of the world are fighting for the chance to come to Sochi and win a medal of the highest standard, but before this each of them must defeat the most serious opponent – his own disability. The official documentary of the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games by request of International Paralymic Committee (Germany, Bonn).

Los 8 mas fuertes atletas de diferentes partes del mundo pelean por la oportunidad de estar en Sochi, y ganar la medalla de oro. Pero antes deberán enfrentar sus propias barreras físicas. 

Gente giant 

Born in 1934, Andre Rodgers grew up in the Bahamas, then a British colony. He played cricket and had never even seen a baseball game before 1954 when he tried out for the San Francisco Giants minor league farm system in Melbourne, Florida. Rodgers came from a country with a population of a mere 86,000 at the time, but he was a natural and was signed immediately.

Rodgers was a minor league superstar. Three years later he became the first Bahamian and the second Caribbean man, to play major league baseball.

Baseball in America was integrated long before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and was then the national pastime. Baseball Hall of Famers Ernie Banks and Orlando Cepeda, as well as John Jordan “Buck” O’Neil, the first black coach in major league baseball, all talk about how Andre, with his gentle disposition taught them how to deal with racism and navigate the unknown and invisible boundaries of the color barrier on and off the baseball fields of America.

Rodgers was now living in two worlds. The racially charged and tumultuous America and the sleepy and peaceful British Colony of the Bahamas.

Rodgers is credited with opening the doors for his countrymen to pursue careers in baseball and changing the face of sports in the Bahamas.

Rodgers played eleven seasons in MLB for the New York and San Francisco Giants, the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Rodgers was a gentle giant and a quiet individual whose legacy has now spoken loudly.

La historia de los primeros atletas afroamericanos en el baseball de estados unidos, enfocandonos en uno en particular: Andre Rodgers. 


The unicycle has escaped from the circus. Riders gather at the World Chamionships in Montreal to balance on rails, race down mountains, leap, spin and fly as they compete in the world’s newest extreme sport.

Un montaje documental sobre la hisoria del monociclo en los deportes extremos.


Memin: Portrait of a Boxer tells the past, present and future of 23 year old professional boxer Carlos Carlson, who believes that the key to a victory in a match is to have a true spirit of a champion, once a juvenile delinquent, now a devoted sportsman, Carlos narrates how hard has been his fight, in the battle ring and in life.

Después de haber sido un delicuente juvenil, Carlos Carlson comienza una nueva vida por medio del boxeo profesional. 

The gray forest

The Grey Forest is a skateboard short film with the aim to describe visually how it feels to skateboard. The feeling of cruising down an empty sidewalk in the sunset, or to kickflip a set of stairs.

Un cortometraje que busca describir la experiencia del skateboard por medio del lenguaje audiovisual. 

Pretty dangerous 

Pretty Dangerous (2015) This intimate portrait of Seleziya “Sparx” Esho finds the pro wrestler confronting a personal obsession and the strain it puts on both her body and her family.

Retrato de Seleziya Esho en el mundo de las luchas profesionales.

Un equilibrio

This video explores the relation between women and the practice of capoeira in Mexico City. A balance / An energy is a representation of body and verbal dialogues regarding women issues in our society.

Este video explora la relación entre mujeres y la practica del capoeira en la ciudad de Mexico. La película es una representación del cuerpo y los lenguajes verbales acerca de los problemas de las mujeres en la sociedad. 

In the game

This warm and often heart-tugging look at four years in the life of a girls’ soccer team at Chicago’s inner city Kelly High School in the primarily Hispanic Brighton Park neighborhood, is an intimate study in sisterhood and hope in the face of adversity. Award-winning director Maria Finitzo (5 GIRLS, TERRA INCOGNITA) underlines the solid sense of family that young players discover in the team setting, as rocky home lives, poverty, and the political forces that dictate slashes to the school’s budget conspire to limit their prospects for a bright future. Produced by Kartemquin (HOOP DREAMS, LIFE ITSELF).

La historia de el equipo de futbol de mujeres de chicago USA. 


A man struggles to get into the routine of working out after work. He must find the proper head space in order to remember the combination of his lock.

Un hombre trata de entra en rutina de ejercicio pero antes deberá recordar la combinacion de su candado.

Injury time

INJURY TIME traverses the dying minutes of a soccer manager’s desperate struggle to win The Game on his own terms. This gripping, high concept thriller is told in real-time in one continuous shot.

Muestra los últimos minutos de un entrenador que quiere ganar el juego. Contada en tiempo real este trhriller es un gran concepto.

DR. Basebal

Ron Taylor was a Major League pitcher for 11 years winning two world championships. Through interviews with former teammates and friends, his two sons uncover the motivation behind his decision to return to school and become a physician after his baseball career. Beginning with one lone scout who believed he could play professionally, to a tour of Vietnam, many classrooms, and finally back into baseball as a team doctor for the Toronto Blue Jays – Ron’s path is charted as his sons learn how chance laid out the course of their father’s life.

Cuenta la historia de Ron Taylor un pitcher profesional que se retira para buscar su sueño de ser gradado dela universidad.


A homeless man who, with one good deed, overcomes the demons of his past.

Un hombre de la calle confronta sus demonios para salir adelante. 

Standing 8

A journeyman boxer raised to fight and win kills an opponent in the ring; now he must confront his greatest enemy – himself.

Después de matar a su enemigo en el ring, este boxeador deberá confrontar ahora a su mayor adversario: el mismo. 

Football Day in hockey town

During the days of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, a parallel universe takes over Montreal, this multicultural city so many nationalities call home. People go about their daily business, enjoying the warm summer, but at the same time, football fans, mostly first and second generation immigrants, who form a large portion of the city population, gather together around the city to watch their favorite national teams compete in the top football event in the world. They bring out their often multi-coloured flags, put on their equally colourful national shirts and paint their faces with what they almost metaphysically consider as their “national colours”. A similar picture is painted by their songs and their music, their dances and their food and drinks (necessary to watch a football match). For almost a month, everyone who watches football is instantly a member of these communities of smells, sounds and colours from literally all over the world. And through the matches, the celebrations and disappointments, the tears and the chants, a new form of unity reemerges.

A lot has been said about football as a social phenomenon. Much has been written about football and its interaction with other phenomena such as nation-building, nationalism, global capitalism and urban violence, to name a few of the most serious ones. The goal of this film is not to analyze or explain these well-observed aspects, but to share the experience, passion and vibe of the ritual that a football match is for the fans. And as many other ritual activities, football is expressed through formalism, traditionalism, rule-governance, sacral symbolism and performance. This short film aims at presenting the way the various communities of non-Canadian origin living in Montreal create, deploy and reproduce the rite of watching a football match. The naturalness by which this ritual action is performed makes football the most powerful sport event around the world for its millions of fans, even in a hockey town, such as Montreal.

La historia de como se viven el mundial en una ciudad en donde el Hokey es el deporte principal y de mayor afición.


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